About ENSTAR  

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company was founded in 1961, making it one of the oldest energy companies operating in Alaska. ENSTAR headquarters are in Anchorage, with additional offices in Soldotna and Wasilla. The history of ENSTAR is closely aligned with the history of Alaska since statehood. Over those years, ENSTAR has grown with the 49th state, supplying the natural gas that has helped communities grow and prosper.

ENSTAR's residential and commercial rates have remained among the lowest in the United States while gas usage per-residential-customer is the highest among investor-owned utilities due to the extremes Alaska experiences during winter heating months.

In recent years, however, the Cook Inlet has rapidly moved from a market of excess deliverability and supply to an environment where both may not always meet demand. On behalf of its consumers, ENSTAR has taken a leadership role in seeking new sources of long-term natural gas supplies. A facility to store natural gas (CINGSA) is now available, which will allow ENSTAR to purchase gas in summer months for use during peak periods in winter months. ENSTAR believes these investments will encourage transformation in current Cook Inlet market conditions as well as improve our ability to better serve our current customers and perhaps new communities throughout Alaska.

ENSTAR Natural Gas serves 136,000 customers in Southcentral Alaska. In 2013, ENSTAR added more than 2,000  customers. We operate more than 3,200 miles of distribution line throughout South-central Alaska and 450 miles of high pressure transmission line through our sister company, Alaska Pipeline Company (APC).

Alaskans have relied on ENSTAR to provide natural gas to their homes and businesses for nearly a half century. An executive team, with more than 140 years of utility experience, manages ENSTAR locally. Our employees deliver safe, dependable, and reliable service to our customers 365 days a year and we are committed to continuing that tradition.

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of AltaGas Ltd.


Corporate Goodwill

Good corporate citizenship has always been a part of ENSTAR's commitment to the communities we serve.  The 190 employees of ENSTAR are encouraged to become active in community organizations, and they, in turn, provide countless hours of volunteer service to help improve the quality of life for all Alaskans.

ENSTAR also makes a difference through financial contributions and supports many special community events and programs that enrich the lives of Alaskan residents.


Certificated Service Area*

*Shaded area represents a depiction only and my not be exact