New Construction  

Main Extensions

Before beginning your project, contact ENSTAR’s Marketing Department to determine if your property is served by a natural gas main, or if a main extension will be required to bring natural gas to your property. If a main extension is needed, we can provide you with a cost estimate and answer your questions regarding this process. Once the main extension has been designed, payment in full is required prior to main installation.

  • Retail Developments
  • Developing Subdivisions

Service Lines

A new service line will be required to bring natural gas from the supplying main to your building. To begin your application, contact ENSTAR’s Marketing department with the following information about your new building:

  • Legal description of the property (lot, block, and subdivision name)
  • Street address of the property
  • Site plan drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Equipment list with connected natural gas load information for each piece of equipment
  • Type of building (if multi-unit, number of units and labeling order)
  • Total heated square footage of the building
  • Delivery pressure requested
  • On-site contact name and phone number
  • Current status of construction

ENSTAR requires prepayment of service line and meter set fees. Once the application has been completed and signed, and the appropriate fees paid, the service line installation is scheduled by our Distribution department. Service lines can be installed any time after the foundation is completed and backfilled to within 6" of finished grade and the meter location marked. To coordinate the installation or check on the scheduling status of a new service line, contact ENSTAR’s Distribution department (or your local office if outside Anchorage). Please provide Distribution with the street address of your new building as shown on your service line application when calling to schedule installation.

Meter Bar Installation

ENSTAR’s Distribution department will install a meter bar on your new building when installing the new service line. However, once the permanent service application has been completed, licensed plumbers may pick up a single meter bar at ENSTAR’s International Airport Road, Soldotna, or Mat-Su Valley offices and install it. This will allow the building’s internal, or “house”, piping to be tied in. The meter bar must be secured solidly to a stud wall and installed at the proper height in accordance with the requirements of ENSTAR. For meter bars with two or more meters, contact ENSTAR’s Customer Service Department to schedule the installation.

Commercial Meter Requirements

An ENSTAR Marketing Representative will size the natural gas meter for your new structure based on the total square footage and total connected load of your new building, and will provide you with a diagram of the meter that will be installed to serve your needs. Based upon the size and type of the meter to be installed, a concrete meter pad may be required. Additionally, installation of 6" (six inch) pipe bollards filled with concrete may be required to protect ENSTAR’s meter from damages. Construction and installation of these items is the responsibility of the customer.

  • When installing bollards, call for locates before digging.
  • Hand dig within 2’ (two feet) of ENSTAR’s service line and other utilities.

Gas meters will not be located:

  • Inside enclosed structures, garages, carports, mechanical rooms, or unventilated or inaccessible locations.
  • In or near a traffic area unless adequately protected from passing vehicles.
  • Closer than 36" to any ignition source including an electric meter assembly.
  • Closer than 36" to or directly under an operable window or wall opening.
  • Closer than 10 feet (6 feet within the MOA) to any mechanically-driven air intake.
  • In areas subject to ice and snow damage from roof or vehicular damage.

Gas meters shall be located in ventilated spaces readily visible and accessible for examination, reading, replacement, and maintenance.

Meter Set and Unlock

You must have the following before a permanent meter can be set and gas service turned on:

  • An air-pressure test on your house piping (Anchorage locations must be inspected and receive a green tag by a city inspector)
  • House piping must be connected to a meter bar and a service line must be installed.
  • A major piece of gas-fired equipment must be connected to the house piping and ready to fire.

Note: If these three items are not completed when a service person arrives to install and unlock a meter, a one-hour service charge at the prevailing hourly labor rate will be billed to your account.

To schedule installation of your permanent meter, please contact ENSTAR Customer Service with the street address and customer name as it appears on the service line application.

Documents and Forms  
Temporary Above Ground Service Line ApplicationApplication for a new service line during winter season.Download
Neighbor Authorization Formto authorize temporary above ground service line on neighbor's property - (Neighbor to complete this form) Download