Winter Construction  

Don't let cold weather delay your construction project. ENSTAR Natural Gas Company can supply natural gas to framed-in buildings while you complete interior work and cure concrete. Natural gas heaters are much more efficient than propane or fuel oil heaters, and they eliminate the worry of running out of fuel when you need heat the most. Construction heat can keep any size project up and running throughout the year. All you need to do is let a Marketing representative know what your needs will be and we'll coordinate the process.

Applying for Construction Heat

To apply for Construction Heat, contact ENSTAR Marketing. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Type and number of heaters to be fired
  • Each heater’s total BTU input (located on the heater placard)
  • Delivery pressure needed
  • Total length of supply hose
  • Inside diameter of supply hose
  • Status of hose inspection/orange tag

We must have this information in order to size the temporary meter appropriately for your needs and proceed with the application. You will be charged a fee according to the meter size required. A temporary meter set is distinct and separate from a permanent meter set, even though it may be at the same location. The gas load and delivery pressure for each type of meter set must be considered and approved separately by ENSTAR. An application for permanent service must be completed before a construction heat account can be established. ENSTAR requires prepayment of temporary meter set fees prior to setting the meter.

Construction Heat Requirements

Customers requesting a temporary meter shall provide a temporary meter stand when the permanent meter location has not been established on the building. The temporary meter stand must be in a location that is level (final grade), stable, and protected from debris and construction activities. For questions about the meter set space and meter support requirements, please contact ENSTAR’s Service department.

An approved, wire-braided supply hose is required from the temporary heater to the meter location, and must be inspected, pass a 60-lb. pressure test, and be tagged by a certified plumber before a temporary meter can be set. In Anchorage, municipal code also requires the hose to be inspected by the city and affixed with an orange tag, certifying compliance with this test. Temporary heaters must have a fuel line of adequate size for the gas pressure and clearances to combustibles maintained. Proper venting of all heaters must be supplied and 100% outside air input provided at all times.

Heating equipment must be on-site and ready to fire, and must be an approved heater for temporary heating. Examples of approved heaters are:

  • Space heater
  • Unit heater
  • Furnace
  • Boiler
  • Room heater

Heaters that are not approved for use as construction heat:

  • Ranges
  • Decorative fireplace
  • Burner tray

Once the construction heat application process has been completed and all above requirements are met, contact ENSTAR’s Service department to schedule the installation of the temporary meter set.

Note: In the event a customer calls for a temporary meter set and the location is not suitable and/or all requirements have not been met, the meter will not be set and the customer will be billed a fee for ENSTAR’s time.

Temporary Service Lines

If your project is beginning during the winter months, a temporary above-ground Service Line can be installed to supply natural gas for heating during winter.