Safety Awareness for Emergency Officials  

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company recognizes that governmental or volunteer emergency response and planning agencies may respond to protect life, property, or the environment in case of a pipeline emergency. Our first priority is the same as yours – public safety.

We want to provide all the information that emergency officials and first responders need about pipelines and the materials they transport within a local response area. We also want to help protect responders called to a pipeline emergency. We honor all first responders and appreciate the work they do.

Emergency Action Procedures for Emergency Responders:

  • Secure the area around the leak to a safe distance. This could include evacuating people from homes, businesses, schools, and other locations, erecting barricades, controlling access to the emergency site, and similar precautions.
  • If the pipeline leak is not burning, take steps to prevent ignition. This could include prohibiting smoking, rerouting traffic, and shutting off the electricity and the residential gas supply.
  • If the pipeline leak is burning, take steps to prevent secondary fires, but DO NOT attempt to extinguish a pipeline fire unless asked to do so by pipeline company personnel.
  • Contact the pipeline company as quickly as possible. Pipeline marker signs indicate the pipeline company's name and emergency telephone number.