Public Safety Awareness for Local Public Officials  

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company is committed to running a safe, reliable pipeline system. The National Transportation Safety Board has established that pipelines are the safest form of energy transportation, and incidents are rare. However, as part of our comprehensive safety program, we work closely with the communities along our pipelines to educate our neighbors about pipelines and pipeline safety. Our means of communication include public awareness meetings, Call Before You Dig programs, and clear and visible pipeline markers.

We also have developed comprehensive emergency response plans for use in the event of a fire, rupture, major leak, or other serious incident occurring at or near one of our facilities. The plans are designed to prepare our employees and local emergency response personnel to handle emergency situations involving our facilities in order to protect the public. Cooperation from local organizations is a key component of these plans, and traditionally we have received excellent cooperation from these organizations. Our company performs ongoing emergency drills to prepare our employees and community emergency responders for emergency situations.

Even the best ideas will not increase pipeline safety if they do not make it to the local level where they can be put to use. That's why a solid working relationship between local government officials and ENSTAR is crucial. We want to provide all the information and resources you need to:

  • Develop pipeline safety awareness and assure protection of your communities.
  • Identify and establish communications with the pipeline operators in your area.
  • Represent and educate your constituents on pipeline safety issues.
  • Make sound zoning and permitting decisions relative to pipelines to avoid encroachments to existing pipeline rights-of-way.
  • Promote pipeline awareness, damage prevention activities and safe maintenance work procedures to all local government department personnel responsible for public roadways, water, sewer, and/or other underground utilities.

Whatever your role in local government, you can have an impact on pipeline awareness and safety in your community. If you are a public official and would like more information, please contact the ENSTAR Natural Gas Company office nearest you.