Converting Your Home to Natural Gas  

Tired of the high cost of electricity? Don’t want to worry about running out of fuel oil or propane in the cold winter months? Consider converting your home to efficient, clean-burning natural gas! Whether you are looking for heating, drying, or cooking services, natural gas can provide the energy you need for your home. To get started, contact ENSTAR’s Marketing department to determine if your property is served by a natural gas main and whether or not you already have a natural gas service line on your property. Please be ready with the following information:

  • Legal description (lot, block, and subdivision name) of your property
  • Street address of your property
  • Approximate heated square footage of your home
  • What type of heating system you plan to install
  • What natural gas appliances you plan to install, if any, in addition to natural gas heating

A marketing representative will provide you with a quote for installation of a service line and meter set to serve your property. Local plumbing and heating contractors can provide you with quotes on converting your existing equipment, if applicable, or installing new natural gas-fired equipment and piping. Once you have completed an application for service and your piping and equipment installation is complete, a service line and meter set can be installed and your gas turned on.

Please click the link below to access our new service application forms:

     New Service Line Connection Packet