Supplying Gas to an Outbuilding  

You can use natural gas for many applications, including heat for a detached garage, shed, or greenhouse. In many cases, underground piping is often required. To run underground natural gas piping to an outbuilding, you must first understand the responsibilities of ENSTAR and those of your contractor. ENSTAR is a natural gas utility company that is responsible for the installation of natural gas mains and service lines, up to and including the meter and regulator. Since this piping is beyond the outlet of the gas meter, it falls outside of ENSTAR’s responsibility and must be performed by a contractor or the customer, at the customer’s expense. A licensed plumbing and heating contractor is hired by you, the customer, to install, repair, and maintain any gas-fired equipment and gas piping beyond the meter; this work can be performed by any contractor of your choosing. ENSTAR recommends that High-Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE) be used and a locate wire be installed so that the line can be located in case of future digging situations. These materials can be provided by your plumbing contractor or a local plumbing supply store.

Contact ENSTAR’s Marketing department for a quick meter check to ensure the existing meter will handle the additional load of your outbuilding. You will need to provide us with the total connected load of your current appliances along with the amount of load you will be adding. Refer to ENSTAR’s Underground Piping Requirements for additional information on the materials and installation depths to be used, and don’t forget to call 811 before you dig for free underground utility locates at least 2 business days prior to digging.

A valve located downstream of the meter, in line with the meter run, is provided for a connection to the house piping. Do not connect to the bypass valve located downstream of the meter, oriented 90 degrees to the meter run and labeled “ENSTAR use only”. Customers who connect to this bypass valve will be required to reconnect to a proper valve.

After being turned off, the gas meter will need to be reset in order for it to function properly. When your installation is complete and you are ready to reactivate the meter, contact ENSTAR Customer Service to have a technician reset the meter and turn your gas back on.