Separate Metering of Multi-unit Structures  

If you own a multi-unit building currently served by one common gas meter, it is possible to separately meter each unit if desired. Each unit must have its’ own furnace and water heater in order for consumption to be separately metered from your building’s other units. The installation of this equipment, and the internal piping necessary to supply it with natural gas, is the responsibility of the customer and can be performed by a contractor of the customer’s choosing at the customer’s expense. The first step in accomplishing this is to contact a licensed plumbing and heating contractor to discuss what is needed to separately pipe each unit for natural gas internally.

When your piping has been completed and the additional equipment installed in each unit, contact ENSTAR Marketing to apply for additional meter sets for your building. A meter charge will apply for each meter being added. Please have the following information ready:

  • Legal description of your property (lot, block, and subdivision name)
  • Street address of your property
  • How the units will be labeled (example: Units A, B, C, or units 1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • Type of additional equipment installed and connected load for each unit
  • Total connected load of the structure prior to additional equipment being installed
  • Plumber’s name and contact phone number (cell number preferred)
  • Number of units in the structure

Once you have applied for the additional meters, ENSTAR will exchange your existing single-meter manifold on your structure with one that will accommodate the additional meters being added. The natural gas will have to be turned off in order to complete this exchange and the piping work to reconnect the existing system to the new manifold can be completed. This work will need to be coordinated with your plumbing contractor so that gas service can be restored quickly. This process will require access to all of the units, so tenants will need to be notified prior to this work.

When the appropriate pressure test/government inspection tag has been secured for the new piping systems to the other units, contact ENSTAR Customer Service to schedule the installation of the additional meter sets. Your furnace or water heater must be installed and ready to fire before the new meters can be installed.