Enrollment for the Budget Billing 2017 – 2018 plan year is now available.

Want to level out the highs and lows of seasonal bills and make your natural gas bill more predictable? Try Budget Billing.

How it Works:

The Budget Billing program runs from July through June. Enrollment for the program runs from April 1 to June 30 of each year.

To establish the Budget Billing amount, ENSTAR estimates your gas charges based on the last three calendar years of consumption and divides this amount into 11 equal bills.

Each month from July to May, your ENSTAR bill will be the Budget Billing amount. In addition, you will also be able to see the difference between your actual charges and what you have paid to date.

June is the “settle up” month for Budget Billing. On this bill, ENSTAR takes the actual charges for the plan year and subtracts your total payments. If you used less gas than estimated, a credit will be applied to your June bill. If you used more gas, you will be charged the difference.

Enrollment Options

Enrollment for Budget Billing is now available.

Budget Billing Enrollment Form
By submitting this online form, I attest that I am the account holder or the duly authorized agent for the account holder. I hereby request to pay for gas service pursuant to the Budget Billing Plan. I understand that this election to participate in the Budget Billing Plan remains in effect, including in successive Budget Billing Plan years, unless I give the Company written notification that I wish to discontinue participating in the Budget Billing Plan, or I am terminated from the Budget Billing Plan by the Company.

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Cancel Budget Billing

Cancel Budget Billing Online

I understand if I have provided this to ENSTAR within three (3) business days of the bill due date, one more payment will be drafted from my financial institution prior to the cancellation taking effect, otherwise no further payments will be drafted from my financial institution.
I understand that any unpaid balance will be charged to my account and due in full with my next bill, and future billings will represent actual usage. Any existing credit balance shall be applied to my current bill. If there is a credit balance in excess of the amount due on the next bill, I will be given the option to have it credited against future bills or refunded (within twenty-five days) if I so request. This account will not be eligible for enrollment into the Budget Billing Plan until the next open enrollment period (April 1 thru June 30) and eligibility requirements are met.
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Download the Cancellation Form

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.