Customer Owned Service Lines

Please be aware that if you have any customer owned gas lines that you or a contractor have installed, you are responsible for locating and marking those lines before you excavate in the area of your piping.  Examples of customer owned piping are:

  • Line to heat greenhouse
  • Line to heat garage or other exterior buildings
  • Line to gas grill
  • Line to pool or spa heater

ENSTAR is responsible for maintaining your service line to your meter.

The customer is responsible for maintaining all piping beyond the ENSTAR meter, including periodic inspections for leaks and corrosion.

Private contractors can assist you in installing, inspecting, locating, maintaining and repairing damage or unsafe conditions discovered with customer owned piping.

Always call 811 two days before digging in your yard. 811 is a free service that will locate all underground utilities, helping you avoid damage to your lines.

If you have questions or require more information, please contact Customer Service.

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