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Meter Access

ENSTAR employees are in residential neighborhoods throughout the year to work on meters and piping so that our customers stay safe. Here are some frequently asked questions about ENSTAR employees entering customers' yards to access ENSTAR meters:

Q. "Do I need to be at home for ENSTAR employees to access the gas meter?"

A. No. ENSTAR employees typically access the company's gas meters during the work day when many people are away from their homes. Alaska law and ENSTAR's tariff, which is approved by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, states that ENSTAR employees can access customers' yards for any purpose directly related to the supply of gas service.

Q. "Does ENSTAR need to tell me ahead of time that they are going into my backyard?"

A. While the tariff does not require ENSTAR to give notice ahead of time, ENSTAR does attempt to contact the property owner before entering the yard to perform any work on the meter.  In the case of an emergency, ENSTAR may enter a yard without notice.

Q. "Is it really ENSTAR’s gas meter if it's on MY property?"

A. Yes. Section 608 of ENSTAR's tariff states: "These facilities will remain the property of the Company, regardless of any contribution made by the Customer, and may be repaired, replaced or removed by the Company at any time."

Q. "Someone came to my door claiming to be an ENSTAR employee. How can I tell if this is really an employee?"

A. ENSTAR employees can be identified in several ways. Look for: 1) a company vehicle nearby; 2) ENSTAR logo on clothing or hat; 3) employee ID card. You can also call ENSTAR customer service to confirm the identity of a person claiming to be a company employee.  Click here for more information.

It is your responsibility to exercise reasonable care to prevent damage to meters, service lines, and any other facilities located on your premises. ENSTAR employees and emergency workers must have unrestricted access to the gas shut-off valve in case of an earthquake, house fire or other emergency.

Gas meters cannot be enclosed in a garage, inside a building, under decks, or enclosed in any kind of construction that makes the meter inaccessible to ENSTAR employees. This includes avoiding stacking any type of material, including firewood, around the meter.

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