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Whether you are a homeowner or professional excavator, be sure to call 811 at least two business days before digging to get free locates of your underground utility lines. Each damage has the potential to cause serious injuries and can be costly to repair. One free, easy call gets your utility lines marked AND helps protect you from injury and unnecessary expense.

WHY call 811?

Alaska law (AS 42.30.400) requires you to call 811 at least two days before digging. You also reduce the risk of injury and unnecessary expense.

Call 811

Before You Dig

Building a new fence or deck, planting a tree, or making a major addition to your home?

Don’t forget to call Alaska Digline for a free utility locate before you dig. Call or request utility locates online two business days prior to digging. Your utility service lines, including gas, electric, telephone, and cable, will be marked so that you will know where you can dig safely.

Locates are not exact and do not guarantee the location or depth of lines, so always hand-dig within two feet of any marked lines.

The excavator is responsible for any damage to ENSTAR pipelines, regardless of depth.

Damage to Pipelines

Damage to pipelines from excavation equipment is the leading causes of pipeline incidents. Prevent injuries and avoid damage to utilities, expensive fines, and repair costs by following the proper procedures. If you accidentally damage a line, contact the emergency line immediately - even a scrape, gouge or dent to a pipe's protective coating or locate wires could cause a dangerous situation in the future. Under the new PHMSA Guidelines, a call to 911 is also required anytime gas is released from a damaged line.

Digging Near High-Pressure Transmission Pipelines

An ENSTAR representative must be present when digging within 10-feet of a high-pressure transmission pipeline. Our personnel will perform a safety stand-by while you dig, at no cost to you. If this situation applies to your project, please contact the Engineering Department to request a stand-by.

Learn more about safe digging practices.

Learn more about Pipeline Safety.

WHEN do you call 811?

Anytime you dig. Alaska law defines “excavation” as an activity in which earth, rock, or other material on or below the ground is moved or otherwise displaced by any means. The most common causes of gas line damage from homeowners are:

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Removing or planting a tree
Tree roots can become entangled with underground gas lines, accidentally damaging them when the tree is removed.
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Removing or Installing a fence, mailbox or deck
Locates are required every time the dirt is disturbed, whether it's to install or remove something as big as a deck or as small as a mailbox.
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Grading a driveway or lot
Even projects that level the ground require locates.  Assuming the depth and location of an underground gas line is never safe.
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Driving states or rebar
The sharp point at the end of a stake or piece of rebar can pierce a gas line, causing a significant underground leak.

WHO calls 811?

Everyone. Whether you are a homeowner or professional excavator, you are required to call 811 before you start digging.

HOW does 811 work? 

Give the following info when you request the locate: your name, address, phone number, and email address, the project’s start date & time, description, expected duration and purpose. Keep the locate ID number as your documentation for the call. Wait two days for the locates to be completed.  If you have any questions, call ENSTAR at 907-277-5551.

Damage Prevention Rules (State and Federal)

Since 2016, standards for excavation in Alaska have been enforced by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). The enforcement program protects the public from the risk of pipeline ruptures caused by excavation damage.

Who is an Excavator? 

Per Alaska law, anyone planning an outdoor project that requires digging, regardless of the depth or size of the project, is considered an excavator. This includes both professional excavating companies and general homeowners.

What is Excavation Damage?

  • A partial or complete break of a pipeline to the extent that ENSTAR determines repairs should be made.
  • Penetration, impairment, or destruction of any pipeline protective coating, housing, or other protective device.
  • Substantial weakening of the pipeline structural or lateral support (removal of too much dirt around the area of the pipeline leaving it vulnerable to damage).
  • Failure to properly replace the backfill surrounding an underground pipe.

What is the Tolerance Zone? 

Alaska law (AS 42.30.410c) defines the tolerance zone as the two feet on either side of the locate.  For excavations deeper than 10 feet, the tolerance zone extends to 30 inches on either side the locate.

Excavation Requirements (State and Federal)

  • Call 811 before you dig.
  • Call for new locates if the marks are no longer visible.
  • Hand digging is advised when excavating within the tolerance zone.
  • Locates expire after 15 days. If your work is not completed during that time, call 811 and have them re-done.
  • If you damage a line, report it to ENSTAR immediately.

When do you need to call for an Emergency Locate? 

Three common situations that require emergency locates are: when your septic system is backing up, when you have a water line break, or have damage to an unidentified pipeline. In one of these situations you should call 811 for same-day, emergency locates.

What to do if you Damage a Pipeline

If there is escaping gas, immediately clear the area and call 911. Report the damage to ENSTAR by calling the 24-hour emergency line: 1-844-SMELL GAS (1-844-763-5542).

Always call, even if you suspect the damage to be minor. A small scrape or stretched pipe can cause problems in the future.  ENSTAR does not charge for repairs to pipe coating or locate wire.            

Consequences for Non-compliance

Failure to call 811 can result in state fines of up to $1,000 AND federal fines of up to $200,000 PER violation. Civil and criminal charges can also be imposed.

For more information on safe digging, 811, or to request a locate online, visit

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