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Service Lines

A new service line will be required to bring natural gas from the distribution main to your building. To apply for natural gas, contact the Marketing Department with the following information about your new building:

  • Legal description of the property (lot, block, and subdivision name)
  • Street address of the property
  • Site plan drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Equipment list with connected natural gas load information for each piece of equipment
  • Type of building (if multi-unit, number of units and labeling order)
  • Total heated square footage of the building
  • Delivery pressure requested
  • On-site contact name and phone number
  • Current status of construction

When an application is complete and all connection fees paid, the service line installation will be scheduled. New installations may take 2-4 weeks from the date your application and payment is received. All required permits must be received prior to installation scheduling. Service lines can be installed any time after the foundation is complete and backfilled to within 6″ of finished grade. The meter location must be clearly marked.

To coordinate or check on the installation schedule of a new service line, contact the Distribution Department in your area. When calling to check on your installation, please provide the street address as shown on your service line application.

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