main line installation

Main Extensions

To request natural gas service for your home or business, your property must be served by a natural gas distribution main.  If your location is not served by a natural gas main, a new main extension is required prior to connecting your property to the natural gas system.

To initiate a main extension project, contact the Marketing Department.

Types of Main Extensions

Private Main Extension

  • Applied for by individual property owners who wish to connect to natural gas
  • Property owners must propose a main extension and pay the main installation cost

Developer/Builders Main Extension

  • Developer or Builder who wishes to have gas service available for lots in a new or existing subdivision

Special Assessment or Local Improvement District Main Extension

  • A method of financing public utility main line extensions in rural areas
  • Proposal initiated through the governing agency (usually the Borough), which pays for the main extension
  • Costs recovered through property tax assessment on all parcels served by the main extension project over a set number of years
  • The Kenai Peninsula Borough offers Utility Special Assessment Districts (USAD)
  • The Matanuska-Susitna Borough offers Local Improvement Districts (LID)
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