Sign up for AutoPay with your credit card or bank account.  Once enrolled, your ENSTAR bill will be automatically charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your checking or savings account each month.

  • On this plan customers continue to receive a gas bill each month with consumption and gas account information.
  • Automatic charges / withdrawals are made on the due date appearing on your ENSTAR bill.  The payment charge / withdrawal will appear on the monthly statement that you receive from your financial institution.
  • Auto pay program / bank drafting is a free service. There are no sign up fees or monthly transaction charges for you. In addition, customers who were previously writing checks and mailing payments may realize a savings in postage and the check costs.

Enrollment Options
  • Log into My ENSTAR to setup or change your Auto Pay information.
  • Complete the Auto Pay Form.  If you choose to have your payment made from your bank account, submit a voided check along with the completed form.
  • Visit one of our office locations. 

Cancel Auto Pay
  • Log into My ENSTAR to cancel your Auto Pay. (note: any pending balances will NOT be drafted)
  • To fill out an online form, click Here.
    I understand if I have provided this to ENSTAR within three (3) business days of the bill due date, one more payment will be drafted from my financial institution prior to the cancellation taking effect, otherwise no further payments will be drafted from my financial institution.
    I understand that any unpaid balance will be charged to my account and due in full with my next bill, and future billings will represent actual usage. Any existing credit balance shall be applied to my current bill. If there is a credit balance in excess of the amount due on the next bill, I will be given the option to have it credited against future bills or refunded (within twenty-five days) if I so request. This account will not be eligible for enrollment into the Budget Billing Plan until the next open enrollment period (April 1 thru June 30) and eligibility requirements are met.
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  • Download and print out a paper form Here.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.