Whether you are building a new structure or looking to convert an existing one, there are many reasons to choose natural gas. Most importantly, it’s an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly energy source that will save you money.

Steps for Connecting to Natural Gas
  1. Contact the Marketing Department in your area to determine if natural gas is available at your property. You must have your lot, block and subdivision information.
  2. Submit a Residential or Commercial service line application for your property to ENSTAR via email to marketing@enstarnaturalgas.com.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Marketing Representative in your area to complete the application process and to pay your charges.
  4. ENSTAR will obtain utility locates for your property and any permits required for installation of the line to your structure. During peak season, installation normally occurs 2-4 weeks after receipt of your paid application. Installation time may vary depending on receipt of required permits.
  5. Within a few days of the utility locate, an ENSTAR crew will install the service line from the street to your structure. For new construction, a service line can be installed once the foundation is complete and backfilled to within 6 inches of final grade.
  6. Your heating contractor will connect your house piping to the meter bar outlet. The contractor also completes a pressure test of the piping system and installs your gas equipment or appliances.
  7. Once these steps are complete, contact Customer Service to schedule a meter set.