Cook Inlet Gas Supply

June 28, 2023

On June 28, John Sims, ENSTAR's President, participated in presenting the findings of Phase I of a Cook Inlet Gas Supply Assessment by Berkeley Research Group. The presentation was before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. The assessment was conducted in collaboration with Railbelt utilities, including Chugach Electric, Homer Electric, Matanuska Electric, Golden Valley Electric, and Interior Gas Utility. The assessment's purpose is to evaluate future gas supply options, beginning in 2027 and beyond.

As John Sims describes the results of the Phase 1 Assessment, “the work we are doing now represents a 'generational shift' in Cook Inlet’s energy landscape. Our goal is to ensure customers never worry about a gas shortage, and that we have a plan in place to meet these needs into the next generation. This confirms what we already know about Cook Inlet: this is an aging basin and we need a solution now in order to continue to serve our customers when ENSTAR’s contracts with Hilcorp expire in 2033. This assessment is centered on accessing reliable and timely gas delivery, not just for ENSTAR’s 150,000 customers, but for Railbelt electric utilities who rely on natural gas to generate electricity in Southcentral and the Interior." 

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