811 Kids' Art Contest

We’re excited to announce ENSTAR’s “Call Before You Dig” Kids’ Art Contest is back and open for submissions between April 1st through May 5th!

This art contest is open to all K-12th grade students in the Mat-Su Borough, Anchorage Municipality, and Kenai Peninsula Borough School Districts. Its purpose is to help spread the word on the importance of calling 811 and safe digging practices in Alaska.

What is 811 and Why is it Important? 

At ENSTAR we're passionate about the safety of all Alaskans and the 811 message is just one of many we take very seriously. Did you know that by law you are required to get locates for your underground utilities lines BEFORE you dig? That means before you plant a new tree, move your mailbox, or install a fence, you need to make a FREE call to 811 TWO DAYS before you start the project. The 811 dispatcher will notify all utilities to mark their underground lines so you don’t accidentally hit them while working.

The rate at which Alaskans damage their underground utilities lines is over three times higher than it is in the Lower 48. And every time a line is damaged, there’s a risk of serious injury, not just to the person digging, but to their family and neighbors. In addition, every time someone damages a line, the utility has to come out and inspect it to make sure the line is safe to use. Any required repairs are paid by the person who damaged the line. Thankfully, calling 811 helps keep your family safe and can avoid unwanted costs.

For more information about 811 and safe digging, visit the Alaska Digline website or ENSTAR's 811 webpage.

Contest Details

Now you can help share the 811 safety message! We want you to draw a picture that shows why calling 811 before you dig is so important. In creating the artwork, think about these questions:

• What number should parents, neighbors and relatives call before they dig?
• When should parents, neighbors and relatives call 811?
• Why is it important for parents, neighbors and relatives to call 811 before they dig?
The artwork will be judged on clear messaging, original design, and artistic merit.

Contest Prizes:

K-6th Grade Winner: $100

7th-12th Grade Winner: $100

Grand Prize: $500


How to Participate: 

Submissions will be accepted between April 1st and May 12th.
Submit artwork by email or through the mail: 
ENSTAR Natural Gas
Attn: Lindsay Hobson/Public Affairs
3000 Spenard Rd
Anchorage, AK 99503
TEACHERS: Please submit your students’ artwork and their signed parental releases to ENSTAR by May 12th for consideration.
Two winners, one from grades K-6 and one from grades 7th to 12th, will be chosen from each area (Mat-Su, Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula). The winners will be announced by May 15th. 

Additional Entry Requirements and Notifications:

• The student’s artwork must be accompanied by a completed signed parental release form.
• Only one entry per student.
• Artwork must be 100% produced by the student.
• Artwork can be a painting or drawing. Tip: Use color in your design!
• ENSTAR Natural Gas reserves the right to copy and modify any entry for reproduction. Entries will not be returned and may be used for future promotional opportunities.
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